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Redd Foxx - Matinee Idol 1971

On: Monday, March 8, 2010

01 St Bernard Dog
02 The Handicapped
03 Throw Up In A Cab
04 Chinese Food
05 The Florist And The Vase
06 If You Wanna Go To Heaven - Die
07 Hell Is An Ugly Broad
08 I Love Lepers
09 Your Hands Heal Up
10 Black Belt
11 Dirty Words
12 800 Million Chinese
13 Rise On Easter
14 Hee Haw Show
15 You Aint In Yet
16 Hole In The Mattres
17 In The Penn
18 Las Vegas
19 Little Boy Spelling
20 Two Veterans
21 Friend From Texas
22 Two Guys Hunting
23 Big Head
24 Cannibals


2 comments on "Redd Foxx - Matinee Idol 1971"

Laszlo said...

Wow, more Redd Foxx! THANKS JIM!!

JimG said...

Redd had quite a few albums. I have a bunch more to post in the weeks to come.

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