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Jimmy Lynch - Tramp Time Volume 2, He Do's It Again 1968

On: Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jimmy Lynch
Birth Name
aka Mr Motion
aka The Funky Tramp
Acmar, Alabama, USA
Oct 13 1937

"A Prayer to that sissy I met at the bar: SISSY OH SISSY, you may be the bootie beater baby, this I can believe; sissy of sissy, you are a bald headed, big black sissy, this you know; but sissy oh sissy, the devils pole is in your hole wiggle your ass and save your soul. AMEN SISSY." ~Liner notes

1 He Do's Again
2 He Do's Again

Stand-up and Music
La Val LVP-902
Thanks zipyourrip!
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1 comments on "Jimmy Lynch - Tramp Time Volume 2, He Do's It Again 1968"

Media Funhouse said...

You've introduced me to a whole bunch of comedians, but Jimmy Lynch is in the first rank of great discoveries, not because of his jokes per se, but because of the funky band punctuating them!


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