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Lenny Bruce - Live At The Curran Theater 1961

On: Monday, March 29, 2010

01 Critics, Definitions, His San Francisco Bust, Courts, Juries, Cops, Philadelphia Bust, Corruption, Obscenity, Defines Jewish & Goyishe
02 The Lie, Courtroom Fantasy, George Shearing & Guide Dogs For The Blind, Tropic Of Cancer, Cops & Bad Toilet Training, Philadelphia Hotel Room Raid
03 His Ride To Jail In Philadelphia, Jails In General, Philadelphia Lower Courts
04 Shirley Beck Letters & Discusses Blue Suits, Bobby Kennedy, Russians, Integration, Juries, Humor
05 Fantasy With The Judge, Las Vegas, The Paradox Of Obscenity, Tits & Ass, Nuns, Paul Robeson, Adolph Eichmann
06 More Eichmann Theme, Thomas Merton Poem, Christ & Moses, Legalization Of Pot, Hillbillies, Judy Garland's Farewell

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