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Steve Allen - On The Air, Classic Comedy Of Steve Allen 1996

On: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Steve Allen
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen
Dec 26 1921 – Oct 30 2000 age 78
Official Site

01 Gene Rayburn Introduces Steve Allen
02 The Big Bill Allen Break-Up
03 The Question Man
04 Man On The Street (Hawaii)
05 Goldilocks And The Three Bears (A 'Bebop's Fable')
06 The Question Man
07 Arthur Goldstein's Mother
08 I Left My Nose In San Diego
09 Man On The Street (Personal Problems)
10 The Question Man
11 Range Round Up
12 Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs (A 'Bebop's Fable')
13 Letters To The Editor
14 Man On The Street (Heatwave)
15 The Question Man
16 Steve Allen And Johnny Carson
17 Eye Witless News (From The Steve Allen Comedy Hour)
18 Three Songs From 'Flop Sweat': Forgetting/Carne Asada/Three Mile Island
19 Little Red Riding Hood ( A 'Hip Fable')
20 Steve On The Street (Sidewalk Interviews)
21 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
22 Impossible (The Laughing Trumpet)


1 comments on "Steve Allen - On The Air, Classic Comedy Of Steve Allen 1996"

Anonymous said...

Classic stuff! Have you ever heard of his album "Man On The Street"? It was a compilation featuring those routines with Louis Nye, Don Knotts and Tom Poston. Would love to hear that one again.

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