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Pat Paulsen - Pat Paulsen For President 1968

On: Monday, March 16, 2009

Pat Paulsen
Patrick Layton Paulsen
Jul 06 1927 - Apr 24 1997 age 69

01 Meet The Candidate
02 Two Cows
03 Soldiers' Lament
04 Freedom To Censor
05 I Will Not Run
06 I Will Not Serve
07 The Critics Attack
08 Counter-Attack
09 Slip Of The Tongue
10 Formal Announcement
11 In Your Gourd, You Know He's Good
12 The Bandwagon
13 Humble Beginning
14 The Age Of Reason
15 Ruthless Denial
16 Big Shot
17 Victory Rally
18 Meet The Prez
19 Questions And Evasions
20 Messing Around
21 The Simple Savior

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3 comments on "Pat Paulsen - Pat Paulsen For President 1968"

dreemfinder said...

It's been scary logging on and finding you gone these last few days -- but you seem to be back and better than ever! PLEASE keep up the excellent work... And while we're on the subject -- Got any Credibility Gap? Particularly their two-record set that included one album of their BRILLIANT alternative narration of the Rose Parade?

JimG said...

Don't have that one, but will look around.

JimG said...

New address

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