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Lenny Bruce - Warning, Lenny Bruce Is Out Again 1961

On: Friday, March 27, 2009

01 Bunch Of Cocksuckers
02 Dirty Toilets
03 Atheists
04 The Truth Is What Is
05 Yours Truly, C E Hoxey
06 My Father
07 A Stunning Danish Seaman Type
08 Harry Danny
09 To Is A Preposition
10 Are There Any Niggers Here Tonite
11 Beautiful Choice
12 Jerry Lewis
13 Christ And Moses
14 Bloody Discrimination
15 My Favorite Phone Company
16 Monkeying Around With Tarzan
17 Fat Boy
18 A Violation Is A Moving Thing
19 Jewish Husbands
20 You'll Be On The Air Soon
21 Jewish Christ Death
22 Racial Profiles And Gods
23 Gods Obscenity Rules Of Thumb
24 Thank You Masked Man
25 Is That Obscene
26 Hot Lead And Phones Up The Ass
27 Zig Zag Papers
28 Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts


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