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Steve Allen, Various Artists - Man On The Street 1959

On: Sunday, October 5, 2014

Steve Allen
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen
Dec 26 1921 – Oct 30 2000 age 78
Official Site
Don Knotts
Jesse Donald Knotts
Jul 21 1924 - Feb 24 2006 age 81

01 How Will The Average Person Spend Thanksgiving
02 Do You Believe In Santa Claus
03 How Would You Entertain The British Royal Couple
04 What Are You Going To Do On Your Vacation
05 What Does The Average Man Think About Summer Romances
06 Why Did You Grow A Beard
07 What Makes You Laugh
08 Do You Prefer Living In The Country Or City
09 What Are You Looking Forward To During The Fall Months
10 How Do You Handle Budget Problems

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Media Funhouse said...

This doesn't seem to be the LP pictured -- instead it's two MOTS bits from the terrific Steve variety show.


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