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Don Adams - Get Smart 1997

On: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don Adams
Donald James Yarmy
Apr13 1923 - Sep 25 2005 Age 82

Robert Karvelas/Larrabee, David Ketchum/Agent 13
Don Adams/Maxwell Smart, Richard Gautier
01 Washington 4, Indians 3
02 School Days
03 Satan Place
04 Cone of Silence
05 Too Many Chiefs- Countersign
06 The Latest Devices
07 All in the Mind
08 The Incredible Harry Hoo
09 I'm Only Human
10 Kisses for Kaos
11 Plane Sequence
12 Too Many Chiefs- Hotel Sequence
13 Weekend Vampire
14 Sorry 'Bout That

United Artist UAL 3533
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