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Robin Williams Rest In Peace 8/11/2014

On: Monday, August 11, 2014

Depression is an illness.
Telling someone to "stop being so sad"
is like telling someone to stop being diabetic.
Being depressed is not a choice,
you can't "snap out of it."
It colors your decisions, your outlook on life.
You have no source of pleasure.
in the morning, just opening your eyes is a challenge.
It's self perpetuating.

You lose the desire to get better.
You drown in it.
It irritates your loved ones, your friends, 

they give up on you because 
"who wants to be around someone acting like that?"
They don't say that, but you know it.
So life moves on while you're like some sad, struggling bug,
stuck on a sticky trap, pulling,
and pulling
but it's hopeless and as you tire more body parts get stuck in the trap
until you have no strength left.
Until you don't really know any other way to live.
So you don't. You take control in the only way you have left.


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