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Adam Stag Party - #1 Stories Mother Never Told With Buzzy Greene 1959

On: Friday, August 8, 2014

Buzzy Greene
Birth Name
aka Bart Buzz Greene
aka Mothball Of Insanity
Official Site

01 Up-John Cocktail
02 Piledriver
03 The Acrobat And Her Orange
04 Girls Who Wear Glasses
05 Long Arm Of The Law
06 The Gay Boys
07 Everything's Big In Texas
08 Undertaker's Delight
09 Riding The Bus
10 The Bashful Bride
11 The Egyptian Girl
12 Seventeen Daughters
13 Person To Person
14 Japanese Industrialist
15 The Bartender Story
16 Artificial Resperation
17 Her Pink Seat
18 The Sexy Office Girl
19 The Boss's Big Surprise

01 Teacher's Pet
02 Cute Little Girl
03 Men's Room Caper
04 The Glass Eye
05 The Ball Game
06 The Perfect Ass
07 Queen And The Bulls
08 The Pet Duck
09 A Man's Brassiere
10 Confucius Say Many Things
11 The Sexy Indian
12 Her Body Beautiful
13 Las Vegas Bust
14 Marriage Problems
15 Jock And Jean
16 Self Pleasure
17 Fur Coat Hoax
18 I Don't Know What's Got Into You
19 Secret Love
20 Mule Train
21 Bewitched, Bothered, And?
22 Dreams
23 On Top Of Some Oakie
24 Wild Goose
25 Standing In The Pool Room
26 Lola Wants
27 It's Magic 

Fax Record Company ‎– FAXLP-1006
Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!
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2 comments on "Adam Stag Party - #1 Stories Mother Never Told With Buzzy Greene 1959"

Laszlo said...

I am looking forward to hearing this delectable delight! I'll just gaze at the cover art while it downloads. THANKS JIM! Woo-Hoo!

Media Funhouse said...

You don't often hear a set-up for a joke that includes Edward R. Murrow. The songs at the end were the high point -- besides the guy's unflinching ability to just keep sailing on....


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