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Jimmy Nelson - Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism 1964

On: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jimmy Nelson
Jimmy Nelson
Dec 15 1928 -

When Jimmy was ten years old, his aunt won a toy ventriloquist's dummy named "Dummy Dan" in a Bingo game and gave it to her nephew for Christmas. He learned ventriloquism, and a year later, his father upgraded the dummy's mouth control from a simple string-and-loop to a lever-system like those used in professional ventriloquist's dummies.
Nelson began taking "Dan" to school, where his fourth-grade teacher allowed him to use the dummy when speaking in front of the class. In this way, Nelson taught himself to overcome his fear of public speaking. He soon started using jokes in his presentation, discovering he could make his classmates laugh.
He then started performing for church groups, schools and American Legion posts. By the time he was a teenager, he started earning money competing in amateur talent contests held at the local movie theaters, where the prize was five dollars for the most popular act. ~Wikipedia

01 First Les
son, Position of the Mouth, Beginner's or Simple Alphabet
02 Difficult Letter, Letter "B"
03 Letter F
04 Letter M
05 Letter V
06 Letter "W" and "Y"
07 Review and Ventriloquil Voice
08 Last Lesson
09 Instant Ventriloquism, Explanation
10 Routine For Danny O'Day
11 Routine For Farfel
12 Routine for Danny O'Day and Farfel

Includes script (click images to open)

Juro Celebrity ‎– JCR 101
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