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Zeb & Cousin Easy - Laughing With Jeb And Cousin Easy 1994

On: Sunday, January 19, 2014

aka Jeb
Calvin C Nelson
 aka Zebemezer Christopher Perkins
Ponca City (or Osage), Oklahoma, USA
Jun 12 1907 - Jan 08 1973 age 66
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Cousin Easy (1st)
Nova Risner
Nov 24 1911 - ?
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Cousin Easy (2nd)
Virginia Ann Robinson
Conroe, Texas, USA
1931 - Mar 27 2010 age ~78
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... It is my Aunt Virginia who was married to Calvin Nelson. Uncle Cal is now deceased. My aunt and uncle went under the show name of Zeb and Cousin Easy. Uncle Cal had been in show business with his first partner, Mandy. They performed under the stage name "Ma and Pa Perkins," as well as "Zeb and Mandy." After he partnered with my aunt, the record producer misunderstood my aunt's cursive "Z" for a "J," so some of their records were produced under Jeb and Cousin Easy. However, they also performed under the names Zeb and Cousin Easy. My aunt became Cousin Easy at one of my uncle's performances when Mark Denning (of "Teen Angel" fame) wanted her to come up on stage with Uncle Cal. She did not perform with Uncle Cal when they were first married. Mark Denning said to the crowd, "Let's give Easy a big hand. Come on Cousin Easy." Everyone started clapping. She said she was so embarrassed that she came up on the stage and joined Zeb in the act. And so "Cousin Easy" was born.   I have heard her redo the her part of the act in recent years....sounds just the same. (2008 -Jim)  She loves knowing that people are still enjoying their comedy. -Thanks

Zeb and Cousin Easy, Mandy
Cousin Easy, Virginia
01 The Golf Game 3:51
02 My Name Is Mud 2:43
03 The Pool Game 4:23
04 Spanish Opera 4:38
05 Refrigeration Man Jeb, Cousin Easy 2:04
06 The Bullfighter 3:51
07 Dear John Jeb, Cousin Easy 3:04
08 A Job In The Oilfield 5:57
09 Ad-Libs 2:52
10 The Story Of A Displeased President 2:51

11 Making Love Like The Oklahoma Indians 4:14

Stand-up & Music
Par-T Hi Fi-5000
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1 comments on "Zeb & Cousin Easy - Laughing With Jeb And Cousin Easy 1994"

Lagniappe said...

I have found more info and have one correction for you.
"Cousin Easy" No 1 is inaccurate as the only one using that name in the act was Virginia Robinson Nelson. Cal's first wife was Nova Risner who performed as "Mandy" of "Zeb and Mandy Perkins" Before Nova, Cal performed under the name of "Cherokee Chick" on the radio in Oakland, California. Nova's info: Birth 24 Nov 1911 in Louisiana Death 21 February 1988 in Pryor, Mayes, Oklahoma, USA

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