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What's Ahead For VS-UC In 2014

On: Monday, January 13, 2014

Hi everyone, hope the New Year has been going well for all of you!

New Posts will continue this year. I have enough new material on comedy and novelty albums to last for the year. 

The Post Count is past 2000 and will continue to climb in 2014. 

On a personal note, my first grandchild is gorgeous and beautiful and smart and funny... and she changed the life of a few people in the best possible way. I am prouder than ever of my son. If they would just get married... He signed a 3 year recording contract, bought a new house, welcomed a baby, built a recording studio in his home and write melodies, lyrics and performs live. Not bad for 24 and an example of a young man who CAN go from complete pain-in-the-ass-teenager to wonderful young man (with loving support!) My younger son? MARRY THAT GIRL she's a keeper. Proud of him, too. 
I'm still looking for a "real job" as a technical project manager, filling in with retail work now and then. Our beloved pit bull Gillie moved in with my son and his new family but sweet Romeo remained with me.

How about some COMMENTS from you, our blog readers. Please?



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