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Robin Williams - Live On Broadway 2002

On: Monday, January 20, 2014

Robin Williams
Robin McLaurin Williams
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jul 21 1951 -

01 Not Your Normal Night at the Theatre/July 14th 2002 in One Nation Under Canada
02 Party Like It’s 1955/Sit on Santa’s Lap/Halfpipe Means Something
03 Cats and Drag Queens/White Powder and a Cure/Something Awful is Going to Happen/Prince Albert’s Last Wish/Not Just a Sin
04 Get Out of That Fokker/Blair, Bush, Ashcroft, a Dead Man and Lassie
05 Fundamentalists, Psychopaths, Infidels, Virgins, Raisins, the Continental Congress and a Cab Driver
06 Episcopals, Puritans and the Word/Moses, Pharoah and New York Rats/To Jerusalem and Then Miami
07 Joe, I’m Pregnant/Jesus Christ/Chocolate Bunnies and Coloured Eggs/Choose Your Diaper Daddy
08 Don’t Go Ding Dong, You Asshole/Hello, Americans!/What Was That Noise/The Atomic Bang/Rocket Science/Happy Hour
09 A Gopher Hole
10 Wasps and Their Last Domain
11 Fuck it All/I’m a Chia Pet/Ping Pong and the Ugly Koala
12 Maybe it’s Because I’m 50/A Doctor, a Glove and an Evinrude
13 Harder Than Chinese Algebra
14 South of the Border


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4 comments on "Robin Williams - Live On Broadway 2002"

SERENITY said...

Seem to be having a spot of bother, opening part (CD) 2,If you can spare a moment or two, have a look old chap!.

JimG said...

Serenity - the rapidshare and megaupload (Sharebee) files checked out OK.
Remember that multi-part files need to have the same names except for the numbers on the end in sequence, for example: funnyfile1.rar funnyfile2.rar funnyfile3.rar.
Open any part and it will "find" the other parts if they are named correctly. Let me know if you still have trouble. Jim

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I guess they worked for Serenity, but they didn't work for me. I get 404s, but again, I am NOT complaining, only notifying. Have a great week and thanks for the chuckles, groans, guffaws, and, sometimes, tears of mirth shared.


JimG said...

New links have been created. Thanks for letting me know they were dead.

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