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VSUC Quarterly Update

On: Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey everybody, hope you've enjoyed the blog so far this year!

Steven Hawking And Bride
No doubt you've noticed recent, minor changes. I've added the Facebook "Like" and "Send" buttons. And "This Day In Comedy" is a regular feature now and the layout has settled down. These posts in particular take a lot of work - research and Photoshopping - so I hope you enjoy them. They will recycle on December 1st so I'll get the time spent on those back. I have a large Excel spreadsheet with all this material; if you are a data hound look on the Research pages for a link. It is updated quite frequently.

Enjoy the coming Spring and the rest of 2012!
PS: The Hawking image has NOTHING to do with the words in this post. Just grabbing your attention...

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