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This Day In Comedy: April 02

On: Monday, April 2, 2012

Born this day in 1953, Debralee Scott, Elizabeth, New Jersey comic actress TV’s Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman , Welcome Back, Kotter. She died 04/26/2005 of undetermined causes at age 52.
Debralee Scott cameo Debralee Scott cameo 4
Born this day in 1917, Lou Monte (Louis Scaglione), comic singer. He died 06/12/1989 at age 72.
Lou Monte cameo 1 Lou Monte - Mixed Up Bull From Palermo
Born this day in 1908, Buddy Ebsen (Christian Rudolph Ebsen, Jr.) Belleville, Illinois 6'3, TV’s The Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones. He died 07/07/2003 of pneumonia at age 95.
UT0064886 Buddy ebsen cameo Captain January
Born this day in 1914, Alec Guinness (Alec Guinness de Cuffe) Paddington, London, England, United Kingdom 5'9” comic actor Murder By Death. He died 08/05/2000 of liver cancer at age 86.
Alec Guinness cameo 61L Alex guinness cameo 31
Born this day in 1952, Thierry Le Luron, French impersonator and humorist. He died 11/13/1986 of AIDS at age 34.
Thierry Le Luron à Marigny
Born this day in 1952, Dana Carvey (Dana Thomas Carvey) is 60, 5'8" comedian, TV’s Saturday Night Live, Wayne's World.

Isn't That Special?
60143015 Dana Carvey 1973 cameo
Born this day in 1949, Ron Palillo (Ronald Gabriel Palillo) is 63, Cheshire, Connecticut 5'7" comic actor played “Horshack” on TV’s Welcome Back Kotter.
ron pallilo cameo aa ron pallilo cameo zed
Born this day in 1959, Victoria Jackson is 53, Miami, Florida 5'6" comedian TV’s Saturday Night Live, film Casual Sex.
Victoria Jackson cameo victoria jackson cameo es
Died this day in 1988, Jim Jordan (James Edward Jordan) Peoria, Illinois comic actor played “Fibber McGee” in Fibber McGee & Molly. Born 11/06/1896, he died after a fall leading to a brain clot at age 91.
Jim Jordan cameo
Jim Jordan cameo 0

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