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Brett Butler - Sold Out 1995

On: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brett Butler
Brett Ashley Anderson
January 30, 1958 -

Brett Butler is best-known for her stint as Grace Kelly in the hit sitcom Grace Under Fire, in which she starred and for which she acted as executive consultant from 1993 to 1998. As the title of the show implies, Grace struggles with the everyday pressures of a life less-than-charmed and still manages to bring some dignity to it. Brought to you by the same people who created the smash series Roseanne, Ms. Butler's show takes the blue-collar bit even further, working in an oil refinery and single-handedly raising her three kids. Grace is a recovering alcoholic recently divorced from an abusive husband. For these aspects of the character, Butler drew on her own life, her struggle with substances and abusive relationships and her ability to cope with life through the use of humor. Her authenticity and willingness to appear as the not-so-perfect family on TV won her the loyalty of many viewers. The show was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. In 1995 the show won the People's Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy, with Brett Butler also winning the award Favorite Female in a New Comedy. Brett Butler got her television break appearing on Dolly Parton's musical variety show Dolly in 1987. After that first appearance, she took a position as a writer on the show. She made over 70 other appearances on television before finally being offered her own Showtime standup comedy special: Showtime Comedy Superstars: Brett Butler -- the Child Ain't Right. She later had another Showtime special, Showtime Comedy Superstars: Brett Butler -- Sold Out. Brett Butler's rigorously touring nightclub act (where she was pegged as the "Southern Lenny Bruce") served to sharpen her comedic skills. There Butler fired searing one-liners to the audience, delivered with all with the grace and charm of a smart-aleck deep-voiced Southern belle. Her humor hit hard -- politicians, rednecks, and the man who'd hit her -- former husband, "Mr. Right Hook." Born Brett Anderson, after Lady Brette Ashley in The Sun Also Rises, the literary Ms. Butler got her coincidental last name from her stepfather. She endured a hectic home life, and finished high school through taking night classes. After marrying and divorcing her first husband, Brett Butler waited tables in Texas and was convinced by a comedy-club owning customer she should go onstage. Comedian Robert Klein later convinced her she should be in New York. She packed up her 1969 Grand Prix, and never looked back. Ms. Butler wrote her autobiography Knee Deep in Paradise in 1997. She married and divorced her second husband during the span of career. She likes to write stories and poems in her spare time, and continues to make television and onscreen appearances. Source: AllMusic
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