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Blaster Bates - Vol 4 Watch Out For The Bits 2002 (UK)

On: Sunday, January 17, 2010

AKA Derek Macintosh Bates  
01 Introduction
02 Humble Beginnings
03 Highest Up The Wall
04 The Bank Strongroom
05 Thrutching The Pike
06 The Record Shop
07 Artificial Insemination
08 The Butterless Butty
09 Behind The Scenes At BBC2
10 The Glove Compartment
11 Mummy Will Worry
12 Wee Sandy
Extracts From Gelly Babe
13 Introduction
14 Dubbin Shears
15 A Big Gob Of Offal
16 A Shedfull Of Pigs
17 The Tailor's Dummy
18 Three Chimney Stacks  

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