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Anna Russell - Anna Russell In Philadelphia 3-6-1976 (UK)

On: Saturday, January 16, 2010

01 National Anthems
02 More On Anthems
03 How I Got Started; Folk Songs
04 I Gave My Love A Cherry
05 I'm Only A Faded Rose
06 German Lieder
07 French Art Song
08 Florence Foster Jenkins
09 It's 43 Years Since I Began
10 Turning Into A Baritone
11 Crash Diet; Adjusting To Getting Older; Parent Songs
12 Ladies Who Introduce Functions (Introduction To The Concert)
13 Jolly Old Sigmund Freud
14 Nabucco
15 2-02
16 The Ring Of The Nibelungs (An Analysis)
17 A Serious Thought


Thanks to DwightC !

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