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Monty Python - Another Monty Python Record 1971

On: Thursday, September 3, 2009

Graham Chapman
Graham Arthur Chapman
Jan 08 1941 – Oct 04 1989 age 48
Official Site

John Cleese
John Marwood Cleese
Oct 27 1939 -

Terry Gilliam
Terrence Vance Gilliam
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Nov 22 1940 -

Eric Idle
Eric Idle
March 29 1943 -
Official Site

Terry Jones
Terence Graham Parry Jones
Colwyn Bay, North Wales, United Kingdom
Feb 01 1942 -

Michael Palin
Michael Edward Palin
Broomhill, Sheffield, England
May 05 1943 -
Official Site

     Side 1: 
01 Apologies
02 Spanish Inquisition
03 World Forum
04 Gumby Theatre
05 The Architect
06 The Piranha Brothers
    Side 2

07 Death of Mary
08 Queen of Scots
09 Penguin on the TV1
10 Comfy Chair/Sound Quiz
11 Be a Great Actor/Theatre Quiz
12 Royal Festival Hall Concert
13 Spam
14 The Judges/Stake Your Claim
15 Still No Sign of Land/Undertaker1


Virgin Records
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