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Martin Mull - Perfect, Near Perfect 1979

On: Wednesday, September 2, 2009

01 Bun And Run (No. 1) ('Daddy's Back')
02 Don't Put Off 'Til Tomorrow
03 Pig In A Blanket
04 This Takes The Cake
05 The Fruit Song
06 Bun And Run (No. 3) ('Happy Cows')
07 Bernie Don't Disco
08 It's All Behind Me Now
09 I Found It
10 Life Is Better Than Death

Perfect, Near Perfec

Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!

2 comments on "Martin Mull - Perfect, Near Perfect 1979"

The Northern Miles said...

This looks great! Haven't heard any Mull for a long, long time. Thanks.

JimG said...

There's actually quite a lot available. Just have to sort out which are out of print, which is not as easy as it sounds. I probably have one or two more to post. Check back

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