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Richard Pryor - Supernigger 1982

On: Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Richard Pryor
Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor
Peoria, Illinois, USA
Dec 01 1940 – Dec 10 2005 age 65

01 I Feel
02 Supernigger
03 Girls
04 The Bully
05 Fighting
06 Fathers
07 Churches
08 God Was A Junkie
09 Boxing
10 Black Bag
11 Break My Face

12 Saturday Night
13 Cold Blood & Smoove
14 Torsy


2 comments on "Richard Pryor - Supernigger 1982"

Media Funhouse said...

I do think of these Laff LPs of Richards as "lame" (since he really, really shied away from them), but in listening to the ones you've posted back to back, I've found that (even though they're BADLY edited and repeat some of the same material), this was easily the most fertile period of his stand-up career, and even his meagerest material is better than most comics' best (Dane Cook, begone!). Thanks!


JimG said...

Thanks very much for your comments, I do like to hear opinions on the artists we love and the work they have done.
A comment on what is funny: comedians change, we change, times change. Some material does not age well.
But to make a sweeping statement (not necessarily about Richard Pryor alone) "vintage" comedians often had a unique style and ground breaking material and were the first of their kind. We didn't have two Richard Pryor types or two Jonathan Winters types at that time. Today, we have plenty of very funny people but quite often they are styled after the older comedy pioneers (but I still love 'em.)
Back in the day we saw these artists live in-person, or perhaps on TV (again, live), when there were only 3 channels and they had a 5 minute spot. I can still see Jackie Vernon on the black and white TV - I swear he was always sweating. Their media exposure was nothing like what the comedians get today on mega-cable.
Amyway, enough rambling from me, if anyone else wants to toss in a comment, please do so

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