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Jackie Mason - Fearless 2012

On: Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jackie Mason
Yacov Moshe Maza
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA
Jun 09 1936 -

There’s a careless constellation of lights on the stage and a show business anthem on the soundtrack, “New York, New York.” That puts you in the mood.
But for what? A very old Jew with an unreliable hairpiece who ambles on and sticks a finger at a man in the front row and says, “Yes, you, I’m talking to you. Are you listening? Are you even alive?”
As with Ken Dodd, his only peer at this level, most of Mason’s material is achingly familiar, though the new stuff – the Harry Redknapp schtick, for instance, about making a gift of his money to a dog – is mostly well up to scratch.
But whereas Dodd works on energy, Mason functions on a complete lack of it. It’s endemic to his style, and his mindset. He ambles slower than a funeral cortѐge and can barely raise his eye-line beyond the middle stalls: yet they’re in fits at the back of the house. ~what's on stage

01 Fearless Opening 1:11
02 Money 0:39
03 Infidelity 2:14
04 Being Jewish 3:52
05 Cell Phones 2:52
06 Healthcare Reform 1:54
07 Obama & Bush 9:21
08 Afghanistan 1:56
09 Pelosi 1:13
10 Hillary 1:26
11 Hospital 3:45
12 Marriage 6:33
13 Diet & Exercise 7:16
14 Tough Jews 0:35
15 Global Warming 2:54
16 Nasa 4:46
17 Sarah Palin 1:30
18 Gm 3:09
19 Obama's Race 3:23
20 Ties & Skis 2:31
21 Lawsuits 5:18
22 Fearless Finale 5:07

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