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Don Sebastian - Doz Were The Good Ole Days 1965

On: Thursday, March 5, 2015

Don Sebastian
Sebastian Lupo
Jun 1927-?

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"Sebastian is a pro comic who deals in foolishness. If you walk into his act with troubles on your mind you forget them in a hurry. He takes complete control of the show and his stories and quips come so fast you strain to make sure you don't miss any..." says Ken Heinrich, Miami News.
"Watching Don Sebastian work makes me tired. First of all he is so funny that my sides are aching, my jaw is hanging limp and I'm worn out. The great majority of his material is original - at least to my ears..." says Gus Dana, Night beat, Miami Beach Sun.Don claims that most people are the same. In this album he proves that mothers and fathers, regardless of origin, are no different. You will remember many happy days of your youth, laugh and applaud for your own remembrances. The love and warmth, and deep insight into human condition will have you howling in your heart.
[A word from Don... For all the love and wonderful years, I thank Mom and Dad. Love, B.
~album jacket
01 Jokes People Tell Me
02 My Wife's Excuses For Less Sex
03 Remember The Old Days Part 1

04 I Got A Swimming Pool
05 Remember The Old Days Part 2
06 The Girl I Met In The Bronx

1960s slightly blue humor
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