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Bob Melvin - Closer, Baby, Dont Fight It 1961

On: Monday, March 2, 2015

Bob Melvin
Birth Name
New York City, New York, USA
Dec 07 1925 - ?
Official Site
Bob found his talent during World War II in the Navy when he was asked to MC a USO show. He began writing when he came out of the service and became a gag writer for Milton Berle, Jack Benny and Red Skelton. He was signed by the William Morris office and teamed with Sammy Davis Jr who he worked with for many years. He did extensive work in New York's Borscht Belt and Las Vegas. Among others he performed with are Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,Robert Goulet, Judy Garland,and Connie Stevens. In 1961 Capital Records produced an album entitled "CLoser Baby, Don't Fight It" Mr Melvin also did extensive television variety show appearances such as Gary Moore, Jackie Gleason, Hollywood Palace, and Dean Martin. He toured for over 35 years from 1960 until late in the 1990s when he retired. His catch phrase was "Got A Minute?" He was also known for rating his audience at the end of each performance (65 was a passing grade). ~imdb

01 Opening
02 Civil Defense
03 Silly Questions
04 So You Want To Get Married
05 Irresistible Frocks
06 Closer, Baby, Don’t Fight It!
07 How You Score
08 Hollywood Palace 1/21/1967
Bonus Track

Tame 1960s standup
* * *
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