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Pigmeat Markham - World's Greatest Clown 1963

On: Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pigmeat Markham
Dewey Markham
aka David Pigmeat Markham
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Apr 18 1904 – Dec 13 1981 age 77
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Nothing like clean humor! Pigmeat Markham will always be remembered for cutting clean albums and records alike. Back in the days, his jokes was extremely funny to both children and adults and he was known for bridging the gap of generations to come. I enjoyed listening and laughing at his jokes as well as sharing them with friends and love ones. Such a legend will live on through out eternity. Now that I've heard "The World Greatest's Clown," I'm able to laugh again. Pigmeat Markham was one of my favorite comedians. ~iTunes

01 Hello Bill 8:20
02 Ritz Service 4:40
03 Frisco Kate 3:38

04 Go Ahead And Sing 5:32
05 Miss Monzell 5:30
06 Restaurant Scene 4:10


Chess LP-P1475
His other albums on this blog are "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Anything Goes With Pigmeat 1962
Jive Talk 1991
Live At The Apollo 1994
See See Rider / You've Been A Good Old Wagon (78) 1950s
The Trial 1961
Would The Real Pigmeat Markham Please Sit Down 1973
Let's Have Some Heat (45)
My Wife No, I Ain't Seen Her 1 & 2 (45)
Pig's Popcorn (45) 1969
The Hip Judge (45) 1968


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