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Bill Cosby - Bill's Best Friend 1978

On: Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bill Cosby
William Henry Cosby Jr
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Jul 12 1937 -

Comedian Bill Cosby broke his string of music-based albums (Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days Rat Own Rat Own Rat Own, Disco Bill) with this return to standup. His subjects include lots of teen-oriented subjects: puberty, impressing girls with fast cars, roller coasters, along with liquor and marijuana. Producer Stu Gardner and Cosby's comic genius are still intact. Source: Starpulse

01 Roland & The Rollercoaster
02 Puberty

03 People Who Drink
04 Frisbies
05 Chinese Mustard
06 Famous People
07 Let's Make A Deal
08 Cars
09 Illegal Drugs
10 Parents & Grandparents

Capitol St-11731
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