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John Valby - Scratch 'N Sniff 1995

On: Thursday, November 1, 2012

John Valby
John Valby
Staten Island, New York USA
Nov 22 1944 -
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Now to explain why there is not much more then 45 minutes, the instrumentals, why they are here, I don't know, who wants to hear a piano with a bit of crowed noise edited in like (they're) watching a stripper? And the last track "Audio Enema" is not funny, it is just girls constantly singing that word, not in a good way, more like an announcement, it's not funny, it just makes you think why is that even on here?
I probably would rate this album 2 and half stars, but I'll give it 3, as "Somebody Snitched" has become an instant favorite and the rendition of the Beverly Hillbillies theme was pretty good. And the first track is a classic as well. However, he has done Brady Bunch before, and it sounded better on the other album it was on.
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01 If I Only 1:37
02 Hillary & Bill 1:11
03 Joy To The Girls 1:03
04 Somebody Snitched 1:07
05 The Most Famous Races 2:10
06 16 Tons 1:23
07 Wabash Cannonball 1:50
08 Who Gives A Fuck? 7:34
09 The Stripper 1:30
10 Addams Family :36
11 Beverly Hillbillies :52
12 Brady Bunch 1:09
13 Red Light Lounge 1:28
14 Ya-Ya 4:34
15 Big Butt Boogie 2:03
16 Audio Enema 0:49

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