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Bob Newhart - Very Funny Bob Newhart 1970s

On: Monday, November 5, 2012

Bob Newhart
George Robert Newhart
Sep 05 1929 -

With his first television show officially under his belt, Bob Newhart was free to return to his first love, accounting. Thankfully, he chose to go back to his standup comedy career instead, and this is his first post-television release. That foray into TV provided him with some more raw material for his bit, including an amateur show and an extended look at commercials (and how he'd rewrite them if given the chance). The most manic bit here is "Nudist Camp Expose," which envisions reporters in a nudist camp and what happens when they try to get back home. One really nice break from his usual shtick is when he tells the story of the birth of his first child and the trip to the hospital -- it's a touching look at the man himself, something you don't often get to see much of on his standup albums. It's not quite a return to the form of his first couple of albums, though; while the material is good, there's a slightly uncomfortable feel to some of it, especially on "The Man Who Looked Like Hitler.

01 Reflections On TV Commercials
02 Amateur Show Contestants
03 Nudist Camp Expose
04 The Expectant Father
05 On Poodles And Planes
06 The Man Who Looked Like Hitler

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