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Don Rickles - Speaks 1969

On: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don Rickles
Donald Jay Rickles
aka Mr Warmth
aka The Merchant of Venom
May 08 1926 -

When he is introduced to an audience or on a TV talk show, Spanish matador music, “La Virgen de la Macarena,” will usually be played subtly foreshadowing that someone is about to be metaphorically gored.  Rickles has said, “I always pictured myself facing the audience as the matador.” ~official site

01 Current Events 3:09
02 Some Good Friends 2:53
03 Sinatra 2:49
04 Names In The News 1:58
05 Show Biz And Travel 3:14
06 Night Clubs 4:09
07 Television 3:40
08 Some Big Stars 3:12
09 Sports 2:30
10 Thoughts 3:15
11 Capsule Moments 2:00
12 Famous Men And Women 3:00

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