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Various Artists - American Comedy Box 1915-1994 But Seriously 1995

On: Sunday, November 30, 2014

Robin Williams
Robin McLaurin Williams
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jul 21 1951 - Aug 11 2014 aged 63
Myron Cohen
Myron Aaron Cohen
Grodno, Poland, Russian Empire (now Hrodna, Belarus)
Jul 01 1902 - Mar 10 1986 age 83
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Cal Stewart, Barney Bernard Cohen, Moran And Mack, Smith And Dale, Sam 'N Henry, WC Fields, Abbott And Costello, Henry Morgan, Bob & Ray, Stan Freberg, Spike Jones, Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, Smothers Brothers, Martin Mull, Bob Hope, Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory, The Committee, Capitol Steps, Henny Youngman, Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers, Steven Wright, Shelley Berman, Andy Griffith, Jerry Clower, Bill Cosby, David Brenner, Second City, Cheech & Chong, National Lampoon, Credibility Gap, Albert Brooks, Moms Mabley, Bill Dana, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Rodney Dangerfield, Buddy Hackett, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, Robert Klein, Flip Wilson, Freddie Prinze, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin
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01 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh In A Barber Shop
02 Barney Bernard Cohen At The Telephone
03 Moran And Mack Two Black Crows Part 1
04 Smith And Dale Dr. Kronkite And His Ownly Living Patient
05 Sam 'N Henry Sam And Henry At The Dentist's
06 WC Fields The Temperance Lecture
07 Bud Abbott & Lou Costello Who's On First
08 Henry Morgan Morgan On Wagner
09 Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding Komodo Dragon, Gabe Preston #1
10 Stan Freberg Little Blue Riding Hood
11 Spike Jones & His City Slickers, Homer & Jethro, Sir Frederick Gas Pal-Yat-Chee (Pagliacci)
12 Allan Sherman Al 'N Yetta
13 Tom Lehrer Pollution
14 Smothers Brothers The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
15 Martin Mull Men
16 Bob Hope Hope In Russia (Excerpt)
17 Mort Sahl At The Hungry I (Excerpt)
18 Lenny Bruce Point Of View, Ku Klux Klan
19 Dick Gregory New Year's Eve Bust
20 Committee Wide Wide World Of War
21 Capitol Steps Stand By Your Dan
22 Henny Youngman Best Of The Worst Of... (Excerpt)
23 Myron Cohen An Assortment Of Yarns, Morris Of Arabia, Matzo Ball Soup, Cohen, Goldberg And Lipshitz, Friendly Bench
24 Phyllis Diller The Beauty Parlor
25 Joan Rivers Rock Stars, Men Vs. Women
26 Steven Wright Hitchhiking
27 Shelley Berman The Morning After The Night Before
28 Andy Griffith What It Was, Was Football
29 Jerry Clower The Chauffeur And The Professor
30 Bill Cosby Bill Cosby Goes To A Football Game
31 David Brenner NY NY LA. LA
32 The Second City Football Comes To The University Of Chicago
33 Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant
34 National Lampoon Catch It And You Keep It
35 Credibility Gap 16 Golden Bits
36 Albert Brooks Rewriting The National Anthem
37 Moms Mabley The Funniest Woman In The World
38 Bill Dana, Don Hinkley The Astronaut
39 Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks 2000 And Two Year Old Man
40 Rodney Dangerfield Get A Horse, Lost
41 Buddy Hackett The Diet
42 Redd Foxx Women In Paris
43 George Carlin Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television
44 Robert Klein Civil Defense (No Talking)
45 Flip Wilson Ugly Baby
46 Freddie Prinze Washington Heights, Survival
47 Richard Pryor Heart Attacks
48 Steve Martin Mad At My Mother
49 Robin Williams Lorena Bobbitt

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