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Bill Cosby - My Father Confused Me, What Should I Do? What Should I Do? 1977

On: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bill Cosby
William Henry Cosby Jr
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Jul 12 1937 -

My Father Confused Me opens with Bill Cosby’s take on the English language. This is definitely new ground for him and he is very good at it as he pokes fun at the British and imitates a few American regional dialects. One of Bill Cosby’s best growing up bits, and one that was particularly hard to find in its complete version on any comedy CD is My Father Confused Me where Bill reveals he thought for a long time his name was Jesus Christ. There is another version of this bit available elsewhere where it is revealed Russell’s name was Damn It. This first stand-up CD is also the only instance where Cosby mentions his other brother, Bob. My Father Confused Me also includes more jokes about his parents. Mothers Enunciate, The FCC And Mothers, and Mothers Will Hit You For Nothing are simply great. Again, there is a slightly different version of Mothers Enunciate on another Cosby recording but this one is excellent. Fans of Cosby’s Dentist bit will hear a very early and very early version of that classic stand-up comedy routine, yet another bonus.
Holygoof says: My Father Confused Me is not essential, but it does have its funny moments and will definitely be appreciated by fans of Bill Cosby.

01 The English Language
02 Henry Kissinger
03 UFO
04 My Father Confused Me
05 The Glazed Donut Monster
06 Mothers Enunciate
07 The FCC And Mothers
08 Mothers Will Hit You For Nothing
09 Fathers Are The Funniest People
10 Marriage And Duties
11 New Husbands Kill Things
12 The Lizard And The Mouse
13 Dudes On Dope
14 The Dentist

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