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Professor Irwin Corey - An Evening With Professor Irwin Corey (Video Soundtrack) 1983

On: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Professor Irwin Corey
Irwin Corey
aka The World's Foremost Authority
Jul 29, 1914 -

I highly recommend this video of Professor Irwin Corey performing his wonderfully zany "Nutty Professor" stand-up comedy routine. He is my all-time favorite "Nutty Professor" comedian which is tragically a form of comedy that is currently virtually extinct as the dinosaurs.
Professor Irwin Corey expostulates upon some pseudo-academic subjects and social commentary by employing confusing double-talk, risque' innuendos, and ad hoc non sequiturs. He displays an exceptionally unique and unforgettable style of comedy.
01 Introductory Remark s
02 King George
03 Our Government
04 Jews
05 Haykal Was Right
06 Sodom & Gomorrah
07 A Few Observations
08 Cacostocracy
09 The Meaning Of Life
10 The AMA
11 The Economy
12 Stupid Questions

Anchor Bay
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An Evening With Professor Irwin Corey (Video) 1983

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