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George Carlin - Toledo Window Box 1974

On: Tuesday, June 30, 2009

George Carlin
George Denis Patrick Carlin
New York, New York USA
May 12 1937 - Jun 22 2008
Official Site
01 Goofy Shit
02 Toledo Window Box
03 Nursery Rhymes
04 Some Werds
05 Water Sez
06 The Metric System
07 God
08 Gay Lib
09 Snot, the Original Rubber Cement
10 Urinals Are 50 Percent Universal
11 A Few More Farts

Toledo Window Box

1 comments on "George Carlin - Toledo Window Box 1974"

Anonymous said...

Man, I've been looking for this one for AGES. It was my introduction to off-color comedy when I was 12 years old. This stuff still holds up. Carlin was an artist with the English language. Thanks for posting it.

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