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David Steinberg - Booga! Booga! 1974

On: Saturday, December 20, 2014

David Steinberg
David Steinberg
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Aug 09 1942 -

01 Take My Wife, Please!
02 Thirty-Three Revisited
03 When You're Right, You're Right By Moliere
04 Critix Redux
05 Guzzler's Gin
06 Guess Who Comin' to Dinner (Or Movies)
07 Remember Pat Boone
08 Prejudice Steinberg
09 Freakin' At The Freaker's Ball
10 Booga Booga

 Observational comedy, satire, religion, self-deprecation, cerebral humor
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2 comments on "David Steinberg - Booga! Booga! 1974"

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled into this blog tonight. A great find. Humor needed especially since Dr.Forest is gone...for now.

JimG said...

Dr Forrest is back and restoring his files at this writing.

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