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Jackie Mason - Schmucks! (Audiobook) 2007

On: Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jackie Mason
Yacov Moshe Maza
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA
Jun 09 1936 -

Jackie Mason is a comedian I like very much. I enjoy his point of view, the way he delivers his material, and the fact that he is willing to base his humor on what he actually thinks about the world rather than adopting something he things the audience wants to buy. That he was actually a rabbi (briefly) at one time shows through and I think to the benefit of the humor and his audience.

This book is done with Raoul Felder and they go through popular culture, politics, social issues, daily life, and the world to take on those people, policies, and customs that are schmucks (they explain exactly what the word means in the introduction - it is not a compliment). They take on Tom Cruise, Al Sharpton, Madonna, the French, Waiters, Starbucks, Mark Cuban, and dozens of others.
None of the articles are very long and all have a sharpened point. The humor is delivered in the twist of the accusation and explanation of why they are indeed schmucks. For example, they ask of the French: "Are the French a nation of lowlifes? Has glory faded from this once-major player on the world's stage? Do they continue to be, in the words of the great philosopher Bart Simpson, "cheese-eating surrender monkeys"? In a word: Oui."
Do you like this kind of humor? Yes? Well, then this book is for you (it was for me)! ~amazon

01 Harper Audio Presents...
02 Introduction
03 Schmucks Is Not...
04 Holy Schmuck
05 Humorless Muslims
06 Jews For Jesus
07 Madonna
08 Reform Jews
09 Al Sharpton
10 David H. Brooks
11 Howard Schultz
12 Jimmy Carter
13 Bill Clinton
14 Hillary Clinton
15 Randall _Duke_ Cunningham
16 The New York Times
17 Keith Olbermann
18 Nancy Pelosi
19 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
20 France
21 The International Red Cross
22 Saudi Arabia
23 Audio Book Advertisement
24 Closing

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