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Adam Stag Party - Special #5 Stories For Sex Minded Males With Buzzy Greene 1962

On: Monday, September 8, 2014

Buzzy Greene
Birth Name
aka Bart Buzz Greene
aka Mothball Of Insanity
Official Site

Here is the ribald, uninhibited humor of the man who other comics call the greatest of them all . . . Buzzy Greene.
Buzzy writes his own material and is the originator of some of the most famous smoker stories ever told.

"Without Buzzy", they say, "where would the other comics get their material?" Yet, with amazing regularity, he is able to come up with brand new stories and tells them better than any other comic alive.
Buzzy is the favorite of Hollywood's fun-set who come to let their hair down and enjoy the wildest and bawdiest gags and action this side of the Torrid Zone. He wows the most critical audiences in the world.
But, as great as Buzzy is on stage, he is even more fantastic on this record. ~Liner notes

01 How To Tell Sex
02 Smoking Wife
03 The Navy Way
04 Rape Story
05 The Unmentionables
06 The Hypnotist
07 Father And Son
08 Working Girls
09 Grave Digger's Delight
10 The Husband's Funeral
11 Western Affair
12 Indian Story
13 The Nudist Wedding
14 Games For Naked People

01 A Little Tug
02 The Nut Shop
03 Who's Doing Nellie
04 Three Moles
05 Bull Story
06 The Newlyweds
07 High Flyer
08 A Bust In The Mouth
09 The Stiff Finger
10 John's Other Wife
11 Peanuts
12 English My Lord
13 Prick His Boil
14 The Young Greek
15 The Lost Toupee
16 Bartender's Nightmare
17 Highballs

Fax Record Company ‎– FAXLP 1004
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