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Richard & Willie - Nasty & Naughty 1970s

On: Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Richard Sandfield
Birth Name
aka Richard Stanfield
Richard Sanfield
1937 -
Official Site

Ventriloquist Richard Stanfield and his dummy Willie were becoming recording hit makers with an eventual success of twelve albums. not to mention touring with acts ranging from Nancy Wilson to Sammy Davis Jr. and all the major black acts of the'7os.This all led to lots of money and early retirement for the man with his hand up a piece of wood's "back."
Willie Brown (& Woody): "He was the Richard Pryor of ventriloquists."
Richard Stanfield got involved in comedy because the club owner where he worked needed somebody reliable to fill in for the habitually tardy acts. Why not? The former mailman and policeman was in it for the money anyway. So he got himself a twelve-dollar Paul Winchell doll, painted him black, became skilled and began working. His first year was at the York Club on Western and Florence in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Leroy and Skillet.
"Those guys were doing it before I was and they did more of a type of vaudeville act. They didn't come out in blackface, but Leroy used to wear greasepaint; a grease t hat made him sweat, y' k now to make him look funny. I got an insight into old vaudeville comedy working wit h them and t he old comic style.·
All that learning and hard work culminated in the hit comedy album with Richard Pryor entitled Richard Pryor Meets Richard & Willie and the SLA. The latter was an underground band of homegrown terrorists who came above ground when they kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst That incident ended in claims of forced sex, brainwashing, and a series of bank robberies, and a violent shoot-out/massacre, where the heiress survived and went back to her pampered life and a short-lived career in low-budget movies (usually playing herself), whereas Richard and Willie just made money and stopped at the sex part. According to Stanfield the album sold over five hundred thousand copies.
DARRYL:"Was the life of a comic, or ventriloquist what you expected?"
RICHARD: ''That and more. The success was better than I thought it would be; came quicker. It was more fun. I was a single then; Lotta women,lotta perks. You go places people treat you different than if you're just an ordinary person, they come at you as being a celebrity."
DARRYL:"How much resistance did you face when you started going blue with a dummy?"
RICHARD: "I got a feeling I was one of the first ventriloquists to go blue and be successful at it. I'm sure somebody may have done it, but they never recorded it. I sold more records than any ventriloquist ever lived - period, point blank." ~Black comedians on black comedy
01 Pussy For Sale
02 Tasting Crabs
03 Hold Your Gas
04 Send For Me
05 False Pussy
06 Man Eating Woman World
07 Sure Cock
08 Black Is Beautiful
09 Your Ass Is Mine
10 Right On
11 Change To A Kotex
12 Nasty Hotdog
13 Eating Cherries
14 Smelling Snatch
15 That Dirty S.B.
16 Down South
17 Talking To The KKK
18 The Bigot Sheriff
19 The Drowning Bigot

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