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Moms Mabley - Men In My Life 1965

On: Monday, December 30, 2013

Moms Mabley
Loretta Mary Aiken
aka Jackie Mabley
Brevard, North Carolina, USA
Mar 19 1894 – May 23 1975 age 81

Few watching (Mom's) antics on stage could have believed the misery in her own life. Born in Bravard, North Carolina, “Moms” became a mother while in her teens (11 yrs) - against her will. She was raped twice, once by a black, once by a white (town sheriff), and in both cases gave the baby up for adoption. Her fireman father was killed in the line of duty and her mother was run over by a truck after coming home from Christmas church services. At 14, the girl was earning a living in show business, with no home to return to.
She got her stage name from her first real love, Jack Mabley. In later years, that name and her burlesque-style delivery led some unknowing fans to wonder if “Moms” was really a female impersonator. Clarice Taylor, who created a one-woman show called “Moms” in 1987 and had a successful off-Broadway run with it reported that in her later years Mabley was a lesbian. ~excerpt,
01 Side 1
02 Side 2


Chess LP-1497
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