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Andrew Dice Clay - Face Down Ass Up 2000

On: Thursday, October 17, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Clay Silverstein
Sep 29 1957 -

Amazingly, this 1980s icon of sexual loathing and resentment has managed to keep his career going into the new millennium. All of the things the comedian is known for--misogyny, racism, free-floating anger--are on full display here. For Dice Clay, sex is an instrument of domination and humiliation. His riffs on the subject are repetitive and dull; the man makes any sex act sound as exciting as a plumbing maneuver. The comic's nasty remarks about Asians on "K2Y/China Diner" are as clich├ęd as they are awful. On "Midgets 2000" he goes after midgets with inexplicable hostility. Can this rant actually be considered comedy? Face Down, Ass Up's irritated trash talk feels like it goes on for hours. This is the work of one tired, juiceless bad boy. Dice Clay, or at least his comic persona, appears to be played out. ~Ian Conde Amazon

01 Banana Girl
02 Dice Funk-Up

03 He Said, She Said
04 Sid and the Oriental
05 K2Y: China Diner
06 Poem
07 Big Head
08 Midgets 2000
09 Banana Nose
10 Big Tit/Pin Tit
11 K2Y: Wife
12 Sid: All Bound Up
13 Never Marry Her
14 For Who, For Her, For What
15 Honeymoon
16 Honeymoon's Over
17 Road Call
18 Date Night at the Movies
19 Home or Office, You Decide
20 Pencil Room
21 Old School Phone
22 My Cum
23 Grocery, Pt 1
24 Fish Tank
25 Grocery, Pt 2
26 Rita's Ass Funnel
27 Flat Ass/Fat Ass
28 My Statement
29 Fat Ass House Mix
30 Sid: In the Toilet
31 Club 33 - Andrew Dice Clay, Snoop Dogg
32 Good 4 U
33 Club 33 (Reprise) - Andrew Dice Clay, Snoop Dogg

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