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Harry Taylor – More Titters By Taylor Vol 2 1960s

On: Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harry Taylor
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"Americas Smartest Supper Club Star"
Until Harry Taylor made his electronic escape about a year ago via an initial album entitled "Taylor-Made Titters", he was virtually a captive jester of the sun-worshiping smart set. Prince Charming of the high potentates and big wigs of industry, Taylor's barbed bandiage was exclusively heard in the smart supper rooms of the Kenilworth Hotel on Miami Beach and the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with occasional jaunts to Al Green's Restaurant, sanctuary for Detroit's automotive executives.
Taylor's intimate and original comedy, parodies and patter, most of which he writes himself, is slanted to the sophisticates who inhabit these posh resort playgrounds and are more used to giving orders than having a supper-club star tell them that they are sitting there like bums while their wives light their own cigarettes.
Harry Taylor is surely one of the first and one of the fastest of the avant-garde "intimate" entertainers. He never lets his audience get a half a laugh away before he tops a line with another one that is funnier and sneakier than the first.
Much of his comedy is invented at the moment, because much of his material is fashioned for the smart, world-traveled set he's entertaining. Note that he mentions every person in the room b y name. Because of the the fame of his audience, only first names are used in this case. However, at any given moment, he can run through the first and last names of a room of 350 people and gag up their occupations, home towns, and some other incidentals. He applies this phenomenal feat of mnemonics nightly. Catch this on Volume 1.
If the piano and voice sound a few cuts above the average saloon clown, it's because Harry Taylor is a former conductor-arranger and was a child prodigy concert pianist turned supper-club star for financial reasons. Taylor possesses a brilliant tenor voice, but he uses it sparingly lest he detract from his basic comedy mood.
When Taylor is performing, he surveys his room like a cat contemplating a convention of field mice. He misses not a bra strap's adjustment, a cold hand on a knee, or the most whispered aside.
Taylor's the epitome of the "intimate" supper club entertainer. He's the Prince Charming of the bourbon-on-the-rocks set who sets them up and then picks them off like a skilled skeet shooter.
Note, on this album, his ability to twist a folk tune into a satirical opera one moment and a ridiculous rock 'n roll number the next. His "Auctioneer" number is loaded with double entendre, but, like every line Harry Taylor writes and delivers, it's in good taste.
Taylor tosses lines at a torrid pace and every laugh is long and authentic. But, even the laughs have been shortened to allow more room for the fabulously funny Harry Taylor giving you "More Titters By Taylor". ~Dick Hoekstra, Amusement Editor, Ft. Lauderdale News

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Komedy At The Kenilworth, Miami Beach And The Nationally Known Cavalier Hotel Virgina Beach. Recorded Live At These World Famous Hotels.


Calor Records – LC-2002
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