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Richard Pryor - Here And Now 1983

On: Saturday, November 7, 2009

Richard Pryor
Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor
Peoria, Illinois, USA
Dec 01 1940 – Dec 10 2005 age 65

01 Here and Now
02 Southern Hospitality
03 Slavery
04 Motherland
05 I Met the President
06 Fire Exit
07 Mudbone, Pt. 1
08 Mudbone, Pt. 2
09 Inebriated
10 One Night Stands
11 One Day at a Time
12 I Like Women
13 Being Famous
14 I Remember

2 comments on "Richard Pryor - Here And Now 1983"

ditch digger said...

hey, i love your blogs!!! thanks for the great pryor stuff. do you have any paul rodriguez and more gabe kaplan?

JimG said...

Here's a Paul Rodriquez (password standup).

I don't have any more Gabe Kaplan at this time.

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