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Jonathan Winters - Off-Colorful Jonathan Winters Uncensored 1962

On: Friday, August 7, 2009

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

01 King Kong Hair Straightener
02 Family At Christmas
03 Take A Dump With L And M
04 Fairies Can Fly
05 Report To The Nation
06 Granmdma Frickert And Lenny
07 Boy In The Attic
08 Drunk For Hefty
09 Wrapping A Dead Cat
10 What To Do With The Garbage
11 Draft Dodger
12 Mine Disaster
13 Tip On The Game
14 Fishing
15 Jim Nabors
16 Little Boy Doo Doo Pants
17 Arthur Godfrey
18 Locker Room
19 What's With Show Biz
20 In The Grocery Store
21 Hefty Militant
22 Mr Grocery Man
23 Western Movie

Off-Colorful Jonathan Winters Uncensored

Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!

5 comments on "Jonathan Winters - Off-Colorful Jonathan Winters Uncensored 1962"

Anonymous said...

a thousand thousand thanks for this! i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

There's some funny stuff on here, but I think that this has to be newer than 1962. There were what sounded like outtakes from Hefty ads, and didn't he do those in the 70's or possibly the late 60's?

ingodidoubt said...

I am looking for a specific recording and I am wondering whether you guys have it and can post it. It's Rich Little "Politics and Popcorn". Very rare and hard to find. Please post it if you can.

JimG said...

New address

Anonymous said...

Thank You for these Jonathan Winters recordings - this is quality comedy!
- Laszlo

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