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Various Artists - Laugh-In, Original Cast Album 1969

On: Thursday, May 21, 2009

01 The Big Cocktail Party
02 Laugh-In Strikes Again
03 By Henry Gibson
04 An American Institution
05 Children of Laugh-In
06 The News
07 Well Ring My Chimes
08 Vacation In
09 Chamber of Commerce
10 Trading Center
11 Swingers
12 Mecca
13 Bus Stop
14 Up Town
15 Bronces
16 Down Town
17 Dum Dums


2 comments on "Various Artists - Laugh-In, Original Cast Album 1969"

moony luneberg said...

hey hey, great blog!! Thanks to Cheeze for linking here! got most of this material but a couple gems to appreciate -

moony luneberg

JimG said...

You're welcome. More to come. Check back

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