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Lily Tomlin - This Is A Recording 1971

On: Thursday, April 30, 2009

01 Alexander Graham Bell
02 Mr. Veedle
03 The Marriage Counselor
04 Joan Crawford
05 The Obscene Phone Call
06 The Repairman
07 The Bordello
08 Strike
09 Peeved
10 Ernestine
11 The Pageant
12 The FBI
13 The Mafia And The Pope
14 Mrs Mitchell
15 Awards Dinner
16 Boswick
17 IBM

3 comments on "Lily Tomlin - This Is A Recording 1971"

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you for posting Lily.

JimG said...

You're welcome. I think I have another, check back

den81164 said...

not to make you remove these, but all of lily's are available at

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